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The little white balls scattered everywhere. Like children pouring out after a too-long bus ride. He tried to corral them. It did little good. He righted the salt shaker and grabbed a napkin. He surreptitiously swept those rolling escapees off the end of his table. Then he dried his palms. The waitress slowed as she […]

Sometimes there are days when you are just destined to accomplish big things. When everything you touch falls right into place. When you, finally, get a true glimpse into what you are capable of in your finest moments. Yesterday was not one of those days. As I refreshed six different Firefox tabs to keep track […]

– I lied, he said.Not for me. It wasn’t.The truth had no upside.So that the weight would be lifted?How is that fair?One person suffering or two?Easy math. – I knew, she replied.You’re not that cagey.I appreciate the intention. I do.But, who are you to make the decisions?To ration out the information like crumbs to a […]

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The Monkey: I want something to eat. Peter: You get NOTHING. The Monkey: I’m huuungry. Peter (looking in freezer): Pizza? The Monkey: Ah ha. Yeah, Rihanna. Ah ha. Good girl gone bad. Ah ha. Take three… Action. Ah ha. Peter: Are you going to answer me? The Monkey: You had my heart. And we’ll never […]



Why, Amy Davis? Why?

I haven’t been feeling very funny lately. Some of you may be asking, “Were you ever funny? Really?” To you, I would say, “Awww. Mean.” And I’d make this face :( Actually, that’s not true at all. I’d probably just say, “Fuuuuuck yoooooou” and write you off FOREVER. I’ve never really subscribed to that whole […]

I have a confession to make… I sang Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart” in the shower this morning. (Groove was most definitely not in my bathroom.) Also… I watch American Idol. And Canadian Idol. And I’d probably watch East Timorian Idol. I like competition. I like when my favourites win. I like raging when […]