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i like the moments before slow dancing to you singing a country song filling silences and lost lyrics with giggles of excitement those big brown eyes of anticipation we feel what is to come i love the slow unwrapping melting gradually but undeniably into skin on skin craving overwhelming your flesh goosebumps rising towards me […]



the finale was pretty huge royal blue spread over the night sky over all of us i watched half of it in your eyes reflected in light ripples on the harbour you squeezed my hand i shut up sound echoed off the ever green tree-covered hills on the other side you cringed i kissed your […]

the incessant static gave the voice an almost android-like sound at 4:42 am despite telling you repeatedly telling you the wind direction and speed as you tried to remember how to convert from knots to miles to kilometers too early the growing gusts always surprised you listening to a motorized hauler protesting bracing yourself wind […]

you know i hate when apple ads co-opt songs i love cause from time to time to time i want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnng jacket pink i think i’ve been hearing my words lately in songs fading in the distance rounding corners maybe you’re missing them maybe it’s just me […]

If you didn’t already know it was there, you wouldn’t see it.  You’d drive right on by, heading north or south on the little island. But if you did know, and followed the meandering dirt road, you’d find this lake-side clearing. A hidden gem nestled in a hidden gem. Overlooked. Underused. Perfect. Heat lightning makes […]

we embrace the fall ever shorter days leading to starrystarry nights when we can just barely see our breath as it catches watching a pretty girl trying different ways to wear her scarf before settling on round and round a delicate neck we embrace the fall But sometimes we like to look back. 20ish writers […]

babe i’m not tired she says to me in a voice where more of an accent once lived that still has the power to melt so completely she’s not i suppose i can fix it i know how she works we listened with mid-night smiles to silent swoonings save for contented mmmmms whispered jokes leading […]