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And neither do I. New blog, kids. And you should update your feeds. Really. Stick this one in your Google Reader: And now you won’t miss out on any future Petergoodness. Awesome, right? Rock n’ roll. Advertisements

A new blog?


Yes! It was time for a fresh start on a big boy blog. Check it out! I hope you’ll update all your update-ables. Because if you don’t, I’ll look like this… :( BUT if you do, I’ll look like this… :) And when I set something to record on my dvr and it runs […]

Hiiiiiii, baby. My proposal to you is going to be an all-timer. Your friends will smile through gritted, jealous teeth. Other dudes will hate me for raising the bar. It’ll be epic. EPIC. However… Then you’ll have to marry me. Ruh roh. I’ll first pitch my idea for a simple, Peter-in-jeans-and-tshirt, ceremony overlooking the water […]