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The dusk sky was messy yesterday. Different types of clouds of multiple colours playing at various heights. It was like they were still trying to figure out what kind of sunset they wanted to create. The lowest level was wispy and dark. Like dust on a view that’s been ignored for too long. As has […]

“Wanna see what’s under my robe?” “Have you ever held a magic wand?” “You should tumble more with Dumbledore.” “I likes to snuggles with the Muggles.” “You’ll be impressed with my Parsel… tongue.” “Like Luna, I Love Good too.” “I’m the one who made Myrtle moan.” “Baby, you put the ass in Azkaban.” “I’m hung […]

you asked


I’ve heard your voice. And I’ve basked in it, really. I’ve seen your digitally, lovingly captured lips. And I’ve imagined many journeys for them. But experiencing them both at the same time is turning out to be a little more distracting than I expected. Distracting isn’t the right word. Exciting. I mean, the hostess noticed […]

Jenny’s photo of Hannah. She always applies her perfume with her eyes shut. Kisses feel better in the dark. She dresses as if someone is watching.  (She undresses as if she’s being chased.) She believes she’s more open to possibilities when her hair is up. Her hair is up. She knows what she does to […]

why do pretty girls always seem to have the hardest time sleeping he wondered aloud in tiredvoice settling into the closest thing to a cool spot the bed offered she agreed at 3 am then tried to explain that she wasn’t oh god calling herself pretty he laughed loudly briefly before it was swallowed by […]

The ACN has a new ‘do. It is shorter, with bangs AND a couple of pink streaks. (Can’t really see pink streaks.) She is some tattoos away from looking like a roller derby girl. Or a decorator on Ace of Cakes. It looks ADORABLE. ********** Two things that I learned this weekend really make the […]