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Monday was a big day for me tv-wise. In addition to my age-inappropriate crush Kat Dennings appearing on Carson Daly (did you know that scurvy son of a bitch was still on tv?), the love of my life Lauren Graham was on Ellen. Watch! I swooned 54 times watching that.

You may remember my mother from coming up with such quotes as, “That man could fuck up a two car parade.” (And, well, from giving birth to me.) She’s been having problems with her foot and went to the doctor yesterday. At lunch, we had this discussion: Mom: It is where my heel meets my […]

(a po-em by peter dewolf) i like your bumand everything it stands forand i think thatif given timeyour bum would like me tooi love how it starts in hereat your hipsand then goesouuuuuuuuuutlike thisbefore shwooping a-back inif i was starting a tribute bandand i mighti would pay tribute to a one-hit wondercause then i would […]

What Peter means: “Yeah, your friend is cute.” What Peter says: “She looks like that pretty girl who was in your high school class. But, because she was so quiet, nothing ever happened between you. Also, you thought you were cool shit. Then you meet up with her after college and she’s gotten even hotter. […]

We all know this. I was doing some writing earlier and trying to describe the way a certain woman looked, and why it affected a dude so much. And I focused on her nose scrunch. I LOVE nose scrunches. They are just so friggin’ cute. It can be the scrunch a woman gives you when […]

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“i like it”she purrsdainty hand on stubblegoing against the grainpoint of no returnwhizzes by“is this a good idea?”i askbegging forcontradiction“no”she nodscurls spilling overchristmas card scene shouldersmumbling lips find themselves therethe right thinga faint echoprotestations for protestations sakequieterfewersober daylightyears awaymiles to gothings you can’t takebackarchingon the otherhandson hipsholding down on the bedthe only possibledestinationthe only realisticoutcomebiggerthan […]