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Two posts in one day again. (I needed a second one so that you wouldn’t think that I was becoming Danielle Steele.) Drew from Evoca has been kind enough to let me be one of the folks to test their “soon to be released” Evoca Browser Mic. I tried it over at It is […]

Touch 2


The other day I posted a little piece called “Touch.” It was fun to write. But, I’m a “Well, what happened next?” kind of fella. Yet, I hate sequels. So, clearly I was torn. Then something popped into my head. ___________________________________ He had put a lot of people in the back of squad cars before. […]

Maybe it was my rap song yesterday, but I am feeling all music-y today. And it seems as if Ryan Adams is dabbling in the rap game as well. He and I should do a demo together. I think that needs a theme song. (And a spokesmodel.) Story time… Once again, this is a […]

Can you guess which topic rocked the vote yesterday? That’s right… “What if I wrote this post as an angry white rapper… suckas.” Why do you all hate me? Okay, here are the ground rules. I am just going to sit down and type whatever comes into my head. The only thing I have planned […]

I don’t really have a post today. *gasp* No, no. It’ll be okay. Thankfully I did two yesterday. The reason being is that I have what we in the business call a “blinding sinus headache.” And it is annoying the creativity out of me. To make up for this blatant neglect of my loyal readers, […]



[Two posts in one day. I’m a machine. No idea where this one came from…] She almost gasped out loud when his hand first touched her shoulder. She’s not completely sure that she didn’t. At least a little. She knew he was behind her. She knew it was coming. Yet, the knowledge did little to […]

Some things occurred to me while I was on the elliptical trainer this morning, you know, elliptical training. First of all, when you try to take your iPod out of your pocket because the Deathcab song is just a bit too mellow, you can almost lose your balance and fall off. Apparently I’m a little […]