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So, I was minding my own business yesterday afternoon when an e-mail arrived from an address I didn’t recognize. I opened it and saw: Hi Uncle Pete, My name is Samantha and I am The ACN’s EA. We work hard together every day. We know how much she loves you because she gets so happy […]

He stares at his hair-wrapped fist in the moonlight or the city light. Gentle movements with hints of more. Little help? Grudgingly released locks fall back to perfection. She turns. He unzips. Slowly. She moves. It falls. His eyes follow. She steps out of the shadow and dress. Ambient spot light on four inch heels. […]

Sometimes I say random things for my own general amusement. “To be completely honest, I blame my singleness on me being too adorable.  Really.  It is a lot for a woman to deal with.” “I’m listening to Wham! (The exclamation mark was their decision, but I support it.)” “I kinda want to bang Meghan McCain.” […]

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Since plagiarism in the ‘sphere (douche alert!) is spreading faster than Madonna’s legs (early 90s pop culture reference alert!) I thought that I would do my part to help… The plagiarizers. What? It can’t be easy to be a plagiarizer.   You have to be lacking in anything resembling a unique thought in your head, and […]

[Intro deleted because I thought it sucked.] —– The Black Box Revelation – “Love, Love Is On My Mind”



To: You Fr: Me Subject: Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows? Hiya. I’m glad that you got my e-mail.  Eventually. It seems as though our mutual friend gave me the wrong e-mail address on purpose.  (Oh, tell your mom that I’m sure she has lovely eyes too.) As for your question about my […]



Wow.  This is my 700th post. It’s truly a testament to one man being in love with his own words, eh? I’ve decided to link some of my favourite posts.  And there is a little contest down below. My favourites: “The Best Day of the Year” “Facebook Love Story” “George” “Some people are just touchy” […]