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Chester French rules! (And I don’t mean the American sculptor Daniel Chester French. Although he clearly does good work.) Perez Hilton was right. They kick ass. Go check ’em out!

As I look in through your kitchen window, you’ve never been more lovely. Red hair falling over your shoulders, looking like it has never known a tangle. Still in your work clothes. The grey dress pants. The white button up shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. And you are cooking fish. My favourite! But, you must […]

The Idol


I just watched American Idol and have a couple quick thoughtlets: – Sanjaya Malakar… Dude. Seriously? He now feels completely bulletproof. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t come on next week wearing a feather boa and burping the alphabet. – If I wasn’t such a gentleman — and if I hadn’t sworn off Italian women […]

I fought harder against Facebook than I did against any other web service. I’m not sure why. Probably because it started out as something just for students. Even when they opened it to the public, joining would have felt like crashing some kind of party, I assumed. So, I ignored numerous invites from friends. Until […]

– Earlier the ACN wanted a Tim Hortons chocolate chip cookie. I started feeding it to her. She told me that she didn’t eat chocolate chips. So, I took out each little chip before giving her a bite. When we got down to the last few bites, I asked her if she ate the chips […]



Am I a bad person for thinking that Salma Hayek’s child better cure Cancer at some point to make up for potentially destroying her rack? Probably, eh?

Today is my blog’s first birthday! Pretty exciting, eh? 276 posts. Feel free to send my blog cards, presents, or pictures of yourself dressed as a naughty librarian. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am giving you my top ten favourite posts of the year. (A list that changes almost hourly.) 10. “Some People Are […]