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1) Yes I know I am supposed to be writing word doodles to go along with submitted photos, as explained here. But things came up and…  I just didn’t wanna.  And since I’m the boss, it is being delayed.  I’ve received some interesting photos, but the deadline for submitting them has been extended too.  Sooooo […]

i like fireflies i want to train them to write out my words in the dark while i tap you on the shoulder and make you watch with my nose against your cheek until they fade all words fade mine fade faster i think than most even if i get them right i just i […]

Song, and idea to use it in post, courtesy of Lindsay. (MUCH harder than it sounds) 5 minute poetry concept has been yoinked from Hanna. You should be reading both of them. Seriously. Listen to this while reading. oh baby it purrs i take the long way down by the water so i can open […]

Hi, you. I’d like to have kids. You know, with you. I can almost see already how it will unfold. I think our first baby will be a boy. You’ll think that I’ll be thrilled with a son. And I will be. But I’ll also be a little secretly sad that it wasn’t a baby […]

I don’t want to talk. Not this morning. It’s just… the words don’t seem like they’ll be able to capture it, you know? At least not the words I can find. But the feeling is heavy. The good heavy. When we just know it’s one of those moments. When what is, what was, and what […]

i want to kiss you yes you kisssssssssss you it’s true and it’s clearly no secret i’ve given it a lot of thought woman if i had to write about my kissing wants i’d be all formal and use roman numerals like this i. our first kiss mmmm and a hmm i want to kiss […]

with fingers rarely unsure i type the words until i stop i read ‘i licked my wounds… and a few of hers’ not there yet i lean back i exhale i see inbox (1) i click a slow smile arrives quickly a picture of you i travel someplace else in time and possibility and i […]