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The ACN is coming to visit this weekend. She is very excited. (Beyond the normal excitement that anyone feels when they get to hang out with me.) She just got an electric wheelchair. We have decided to call it “Super Chair-y.” Something that cracks her up. A lot. I’ve yet to see the chair, as […]

I don’t own any porn. It’s true. Take a moment to wipe your Bloody Mary off of your monitor. I don’t make this confession to try to impress women and to have them reply with things like: “My word, Peter is such a gentleman!” “Yes, quite!” Mostly because I rarely ever date snooty rich British […]



I lied.I did.I knew that I was lying at the time.I did it anyway.You needed to hear it.I needed not to speak the truth out loud.I knew that eventually things would feel OK.I’m glad that they do.You didn’t want me to be honest at that time.You can admit it.Occasionally the natural greyness of indifference and […]

In the past I’ve heard… “Luckier than a dog with two dicks… both of them working.” Also… “He’s hornier than a four-peckered goat.” And then today I heard a 50 year old woman say… “Oh, I’m busier than a cat covered in shit.” Awesome.

It’s never a good sign when the ice has barely melted in your empty glass. Still, he liked the clinking sound as he moved it around. “I’m sooo sorry for my Dad,” she said with a sheepish smile, as she re-entered the room. “It’s fine. Honestly. He’s great.” “I told him that we are just […]



Starlight bends as it passes near the sun. How did he expect to remain unaffected?Words not ready to be spokento ears not prepared to receive.Thought trying to return the voice it had been lent.The bullet is not so magic,if it is the wrong gun.And yet…The beauty in doom trumping the pain in possibility.Ever thankful forwandering […]

When I was in grade nine or ten, my French teacher asked me to stay after class. This didn’t really strike me as overly strange. I was a sarcastic bastard, so I was assuming that he wanted to tell me to, you know, stop being a sarcastic bastard. Dude was one of my favourite teachers. […]