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I’ve been thinking about new ideas for stuff to do on my blog.   Many I’ve dismissed. “Too time-consuming.” “Too expensive.” “Would require too many meerkats.” But some I kind of liked.  Some would make this blog more fun for me and you.  Some would change the way you read blogs FOREVER. However today I am […]

i love the snow. it covers your foot prints from when you left. man, that is dramatic. overly so. over it so… i always said that you should use your tongue for more than talking. i didn’t mean catching snowflakes. at least it shut you up. “make a snow angel with me” you cackled. i […]



Raise your hand if you like free stuff. Did you really just raise your hand? This is a blog post. You do realize that I couldn’t see you, right? Silly. Here’s the deal: This is a contest to win an autographed copy of my novella #$@%ing Read Me! To enter, all you have to do […]

Friday: The ACN, her mommy, and Nipper came down for the weekend. They made the trip so that we could all help The Monkey and her Dad put up their Xmas tree.  So, Friday night we all gathered Chez Monkey.  Annnnd she made us all wait 20 minutes while she finished up chatting with friends […]

Katie asked: Do you pick your nose when you’re in your car? (if you say no then you’re lying! because everyone does.) See, I don’t get this.  A car is just lousy with windows, so how could someone feel like they are alone?  I think that if you are really going to clean house, you […]



I’m not sure that I’ve ever given a satisfactory answer to what did you do today? or what are you up to? (Except, of course, for hung out with my niece!)  Satisfactory to me, I mean.  You’ve been splitting the atom, and cloning wildebeests, and getting David Duchovny and his wife back together.  I’ve been […]

Any questions?


Because I think that blogging, and sometimes sex, should be a two way street, I’ve decided to open the floor to questions. I’ve noticed that others are doing it lately.   Like Definitely and Delightfully Not Your Plain Jane.  And Tony Pierce, the Godfather of blogging, does it every week! So, open your mind holes and […]