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There is just something about a thin, white cotton v-neck t-shirt, he thought, as he ran his hand over bleary eyes and dehydrated lips. He wanted her, as always.  But he needed just a little more rest. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  It bounced around, as she sat up in the bed […]

Echoes sometimes get hung up in darkened corners.  They whispered to her as she made her way to the bathroom. She left the light off in there too.  An industrious stream snuck in behind a blind, and slightly illuminated the small, clean, white room. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were tired, […]

Hi. I mean it Anywhere you want. You think for a moment.  You playfully tap your chin with your finger, gazing off into the distance. You head west.  Without me. I quickly catch up.  You know, long legs and all. I mumble for you to take the inside, so I can be closer to hypothetical […]

sometimes you can see a crush coming a (super)natural and needed smile charming away the swooning shadows you recognize it light catching hair catching breath you tell her dipping your toe in the pool of openness don’t know if she knows it yet her eyes slow dance you into submission you tell her again she’s […]

weather or not


he didn’t see it but he almost noticed the far-off rumbled protestations as he put left ahead of right under a fittingly starless sky for now the tiniest of pebbles stuck to the soles of his shoes to slow him down maybe to join in his quest he saw it this time lighting his path […]

freckles spilling over smooth shoulders filling my day with thoughts of nights spent anticipating the very moment when adorable is shoved aside temporarily for holysweetfuckimusthaveyourightnow wearegoingtofuckingwreckthisroom andbiteandscreamandgrrrrrrrrrrand never ever hold back against my chest feeling you catching your breath that didn’t have the energy anyway to run my fingers down your back skin smooth and […]

Yep. A word doodle book. 82 word doodles. 72 of the best.  (Chosen by the very scientific method of:  my gut, feedback from you guys, and helpful friendly eyes reading them for me.) And 10 brand new word doodles that will only ever be seen in this book. Some are romantic.  Some are silly.  And […]