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Like with most things, since this applies to me, I assume it is the same for EVERYONE.  When I was younger and someone would ask what I look for in a woman, I’d say something snarky like “nice ass, watches sports.” But that was last week. KIDDING. It was the week before. When people ask […]

… so why not a silly topic? Because I’d NEVER write a silly post otherwise. In an email conversation with a fellow blogger, we somehow got on the topic of questions you ask on dates.  She has a good one.  (THAT SHE SHOULD BLOG ABOUT.)  I mentioned something about how I once started a blog […]

The Cabin


Because I am focusing my blogging genius (such that it is) on the super secret blogging project with this chick, PDDC here is being a bit neglected. Yesterday’s word doodle was pretty crappy.  And I have nothing better to offer you today. What you do get is something I found in the draft folder.  I […]

If you met me, you’d think that I look pretty manly. I’m a giant.  I typically haven’t shaved in a couple of days.  I’m usually rocking jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap (currently a blue Phillies cap) and Adidaseseses.  (Either white Sambas or black Gazelles.) Yes. Very manly indeed. So it would come as a great shock […]